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Citizens of the Czech Republic allowed to grow five cannabis plants

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The interim Czech government, led  by chief statistician-turned-Prime Minister Jan Fischer, Monday took another step towards making casual marijuana smoking a worry-free affair.

Fischer’s cabinet defined what constitutes “small amounts” of cannabis for personal use, clarifying the country’s new penal code that from next year decriminalizes cultivation and possession of the plant by individuals.

(CA) Marijuana bakery busted in Victoria

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A member of a medical marijuana group in Victoria has been arrested for allegedly making cookies, massage oil and other products from marijuana following a raid that could have implications for similar groups.

Thursday's bust was sparked by a complaint about the smell coming from a makeshift bakery in a one-bedroom apartment in Victoria, according to Ted Smith, head of Victoria's Cannabis Buyers Club, which rents the apartment.

Alanis Morissette talks about cannabis

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ALANIS MORISSETTE has opened up about her love of marijuana, insisting the drug helps in her songwriting process.

The Ironic hitmaker has spoken about her cannabis use in a candid interview with High Times magazine, which is accompanied by a photo shoot taken in a marijuana garden in California.
Morissette admits the plant is useful in unlocking her creative potential.

(NZ) Warning instead of prosecution for small time offenders

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Drunks, shoplifters, cannabis smokers and other minor offenders may be given a warning by police rather than prosecuted to help cut the number of minor cases clogging courtrooms.

The decision to issue a formal warning will be at the discretion of senior police officers for anyone arrested for a crime with a penalty of no more than two years in prison, except in the case of family violence.