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New Hampshire Man Acquitted of Cannabis Felonies Through Jury Nullification

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September 9, 2014 - A New Hampshire man facing felony charges for the cultivation of cannabis was declared “not guilty” on Friday because the jury found that punishing him would be unjust.

Doug Darrell, who’s 59-years-old, was arrested in 2009 after a National Guard helicopter found that he was cultivating 15 cannabis plants in his backyard. Despite there being undeniable evidence of the plants being grown, and despite Darrell admitting that the plants were his, the jury found him “not guilty” of all charges, effecting acquitting him of the offenses through jury nullification.

Cops Seize Billions of Dollars from People Who Haven't Even Been Charged With a Crime

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September 9, 2014  |  Like many other aspects of policing in America, civil asset forfeiture morphed into an entirely new beast in the paranoid aftermath of 9/11. The program, which allows law enforcement to seize cash or property without charging people with a crime, has existed in the U.S. for hundreds of years, but picked up steam with the start of the war on drugs in the Reagan era. Yet as AlterNet and other outlets have reported, the program is rarely used to confiscate stacks of cash from suspected drug lords or money launderers. Instead, it has become a boon for local police departments, who have seized hundreds of millions of dollars from regular people, particularly motorists, who then have to fight prolonged legal battles with the federal government to get their property back. This week, the Washington Post published a thorough investigation into the rise of civil asset forfeiture, exposing the troubling flaws in this widespread practice.

“Grow your own” Cannabis Social Club goes to trial

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Sensi Seeds has received a press release informing it that the Board of the Belgian Mambo Social Club will be taken to court in Hasselt, Belgium, on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 .

Decisive moment for second Cannabis Social Club of Belgium
Hasselt - On Tuesday, September 9th the board of the Mambo Social Club will have to appear in the court of Hasselt. According to the public prosecutor of Hasselt, the existence of the association, the second Cannabis Social Club of Belgium, represents a serious violation of public order. President Michel Degens has confidence in the case.