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Plan to put growing marijuana on San Francisio ballot

San Francisco voters may get a chance to weigh in on whether the city should tax and regulate the growing and selling of marijuana. Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi on Tuesday proposed a June ballot measure that would make it official city policy to "license, regulate and tax the cultivation and sale of cannabis" - whether for medicinal or recreational use.

Marijuana Legalization Approved By California Assembly Committee

California's landmark marijuana legalization bill, AB 390, was approved 4-3 by a committee of the State Assembly on Tuesday. This is the first time in United States history that a state legislature has ever passed -- or even considered -- a proposal to make marijuana legal, taxed, and regulated.

Dogs sniff out cannabis smokers but don’t catch dealers

Sylvia Hale MLC, Greens NSW spokesperson on Police, today said sniffer dogs are not an effective use of police resources because they mainly detect small quantities of recreational drugs for personal use, not drugs dealers. Police should be concentrating on real crime and alcohol-related violence rather than treating ordinary people as criminals, she said.

Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati aims for political high life

When Ross Rebagliati was nominated recently as the Liberal Party candidate for his home constituency of Okanagan-Coquihalla in the next Canadian federal election, he declared bullishly: “I think I’m going to bring the country together.”

New Zealand: Pot clubs go nationwide

Cannabis clubs – where users flout the law by meeting to smoke and buy the Class C drug – may soon open nationwide.

Next month founding members of New Zealand's first cannabis connoisseurs' club, Auckland's Daktory, plan to meet fellow users throughout the country to help set-up Daktories in other cities.

"We have demand from virtually every city in the country," Daktory founder Dakta Green told Sunday News.

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