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Election 2014: Americans Ready to End the War on Drugs

When historians look back at the movement to end the war on drugs, they might very well point to the 2014 election as the moment when it all got real.

With marijuana legalization measures passing in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., and with groundbreaking criminal justice reforms passing in California and New Jersey, there's no longer any denying that drug policy reform is a mainstream -- and quite urgent -- political demand.

Spanish judge acquits cannabis growers

The Judge in Penal Court 5 in Madrid has acquitted the members of an association of cannabis users from trafficking with the drug, given that he estimated in a closed circle there is no distribution in exchange for money.

That was how the judge exonerated Aurelio P.S, Álvaro R.P. and Daniel G.P. from a crime which has a two year prison sentence. The case is open for appeal.

Barcelona to lift cannabis club age limit to 21

 The new rules are the result of months of discussions between health officials, parliamentary groups and representatives of the clubs after 49 were closed down by police in August.

The Catalonia Federation of Cannabis Associations had called for clearer regulations in order to help control bad practices.

Catalonia's 300 clubs will now be required to possess the relevant municipal licence and will not be allowed to supply cannabis to new members for a period of at least 15 days.

Federal District Court Judge To Hear Testimony Questioning Marijuana's Schedule I Status

Sacramento, CA: Testimony regarding the constitutionality of the federal statute designating marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance will be taken on Monday, October 27 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California in the case of United States v. Pickard, et. al., No.2:11-CR-0449-KJM.

Members of Congress initially categorized cannabis as a Schedule I substance, the most restrictive classification available, in 1970. Under this categorization, the plant is defined as possessing "a high potential for abuse, ... no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, ... [and lacking] accepted safety for ... use ... under medical supervision."

We are People - Not Addicts, Criminals, Inmates, and Convicts

October 20, 2014 - Media coverage of drugs and drug policy has grown much more sophisticated in the past few years. Yet many media outlets -- even some of the most well-meaning ones -- still often use inaccurate, offensive, or just plain absurd language that would be considered unthinkable when covering other issues.

Last year, the Associated Press made waves when it announced that it would no longer use the term "illegal immigrant." This fits with the AP's and other outlets' efforts to cast aside labeling terms that define people by a single behavior or condition -- and to instead use terms that humanize the people they are writing about.

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