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Federal District Court Judge To Hear Testimony Questioning Marijuana's Schedule I Status

Sacramento, CA: Testimony regarding the constitutionality of the federal statute designating marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance will be taken on Monday, October 27 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California in the case of United States v. Pickard, et. al., No.2:11-CR-0449-KJM.

Members of Congress initially categorized cannabis as a Schedule I substance, the most restrictive classification available, in 1970. Under this categorization, the plant is defined as possessing "a high potential for abuse, ... no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, ... [and lacking] accepted safety for ... use ... under medical supervision."

We are People - Not Addicts, Criminals, Inmates, and Convicts

October 20, 2014 - Media coverage of drugs and drug policy has grown much more sophisticated in the past few years. Yet many media outlets -- even some of the most well-meaning ones -- still often use inaccurate, offensive, or just plain absurd language that would be considered unthinkable when covering other issues.

Last year, the Associated Press made waves when it announced that it would no longer use the term "illegal immigrant." This fits with the AP's and other outlets' efforts to cast aside labeling terms that define people by a single behavior or condition -- and to instead use terms that humanize the people they are writing about.

These Senior Citizens Are Serving Life in Prison Over Pot

October 21, 2014  |  Right now, five adults await death in prison for non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. Their names are John Knock, Paul Free, Larry Duke, William Dekle, and Charles “Fred” Cundiff.

They are all more than 60 years old; they have all spent at least 17 years locked up for selling pot; and they are all what one might call model prisoners, serving life without parole. As time wrinkles their skin and weakens their bodies, Michael Kennedy of the Trans High Corporation has filed a legal petition with the federal government seeking their clemency. Otherwise they will die behind bars for selling a drug 40% of American adults have admitted to using, 50% of Americans want legal, and two states have already legalized for adult use.

Dutch court refuses to punish illegal cannabis growers

Oct 16, 2014 - A Dutch court on Thursday refused to punish two cannabis growers, criticising a government policy that criminalises the drug's production while allowing its sale in coffee shops.

"The court finds the suspects guilty," the court in northern city Groningen said in its judgement, but "no punishment will be applied".

Welsh dad fails in bid to have 10-year sentence cut for growing five cannabis plants

A Welsh dad jailed for 10-and-a-half years on Malta after being caught growing five cannabis plants has failed in his latest bid to have the sentence reduced.

Daniel Holmes from Newport was convicted on the island of Gozo in 2011 and handed a decade-long sentence at Corradino Correctional Facility (CCF) near the Maltese capital, Valetta.

A Constitutional Court hearing, which found his “right to a fair trial had been breached” led to renewed hope last week the 35-year-old would soon be free.

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