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Sentencing Council for England and Wales Defends Guidelines

The agency responsible for setting sentencing guidelines for crimes has defended new drugs sentencing rules after they were criticised by a Sheffield judge.

468 Days in prison for using a medicine safer than asprin

UK cannabis campaigner Winston Matthews has been sent to prison in the UK for 16 months for repeatedly growing his own medicinal cannabis plants in his home, to use as an effective alternative to dangerous and expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

Great British Injustice at its Worst

Time and time again the British Justice system is cruel and injustices are commonplace.  Innocent people are locked up because of mistaken identity.  We see dangerous criminals walk free after causing untold long term mental damage to their victims.  We see paedophiles and other sexual predators escape jail only to destroy yet more lives.

Don’t replace the drug laws with therapy laws

Campaigners who claim they want to liberalise the drug laws are in fact demanding more state control over drug-users.

How do the new Sentencing Guidelines impact on cannabis offences

We have received a number of emails from cannabis activists asking for clarification on how the new Sentencing Guidelines will impact on cannabis cultivation and possession. Release provided detailed advice to the Council and has welcomed many of the changes in the guidelines as an improvement on the previous regime, but in relation to cannabis, there has only been a slight shift in approach.

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