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A new high at parliament: pot protest on MPs' doorstep

Medicinal marijuana users from the Netherlands are planning to hold a smoking protest outside the Houses of Parliament as part of a new campaign to push for the decriminalisation of cannabis in the UK. The publicity stunt is the brainchild of Norml, a US-based campaign group which has opened its first British chapter.

Pensioner Jailed for Growing Cannabis

A pensioner has been jailed for growing cannabis in his home in West Sussex.

Alan Bradbury, 72, was arrested after a raid on his home in Bersted back in October. Police seized around 50 cannabis plants from the address in Sandymount Avenue.

Drug-driving law set to be introduced in Queen's Speech

Drug-driving in England, Scotland and Wales could become a specific offence with a jail term and fine, under a new law expected in the Queen's Speech.

Cannabis growers take on Sheffield judge

SIX convicted drug-growing criminals have launched a test-case challenge against Sheffield’s top judge – by bidding to have their jail terms quashed and set a legal precedent.

Cannabis grower in bid for freedom from prison

A CANNABIS grower who claims he needs the drug to treat chronic pain from an amputated foot could now find himself at the centre of an Appeal Court test case.

In what a top judge described as an ‘obviously significant case’, Gary Brearley, from Barnsley, is challenging a nine-month jail term he was handed earlier this month.

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