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Cannabis grow busted by police in the Theydon Bois area of Essex

ONE of the largest ever illegal drugs factories in Essex has been discovered in Theydon Bois.

Are your drug laws working? Ben Goldacre

It's pleasing to see, in the storm of commentary over Professor David Nutt's sacking as the government's chief drugs adviser

Former glamour model Victoria Yallop's ex-fiance jailed for drugs offences

Footballers' Wives actress  is in the clear after a charge of possession with intent to supply £150,000 worth of cocaine was dropped.

Release.org.uk Launch Weekly Blog On Drug Culture

Release have launched a blog - a weekly comment on the ever-developing culture of drug use. What is it called? Release on Drugs, of course.

Visit the Release blog at http://releaseondrugs.blogspot.com/


Police raids on Amsterdam style cannabis cafes

TWO Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes suspected of openly selling drugs to hundreds of people a day have been shut down by police - following a gun feud on the streets of Islington.

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