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Former glamour model Victoria Yallop's ex-fiance jailed for drugs offences

Footballers' Wives actress  is in the clear after a charge of possession with intent to supply £150,000 worth of cocaine was dropped.

Release.org.uk Launch Weekly Blog On Drug Culture

Release have launched a blog - a weekly comment on the ever-developing culture of drug use. What is it called? Release on Drugs, of course.

Visit the Release blog at http://releaseondrugs.blogspot.com/


Police raids on Amsterdam style cannabis cafes

TWO Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes suspected of openly selling drugs to hundreds of people a day have been shut down by police - following a gun feud on the streets of Islington.

Cannabis resin found among Christmas presents

A DRUG dealer caught delivering a Christmas present of cannabis to friends in Aviemore has escaped jail.

Bristol man spared jail for cultivation of cannabis

A Bristol man has escaped a jail sentence after police found 48 cannabis plants in his loft.

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