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Drugs campaigner to open 'cannabis cafe' in Manchester

Colin Davies - once jailed for drug trafficking and famous for handing over a bouquet of flowers containing cannabis to the Queen - is heading for another collision with the authorities after announcing his intention to open The New Way Cafe on Tariff Street in January.

He said cannabis wouldn't be traded on the property although members would be invited to bring their own drugs for personal consumption.

Possession and supply of cannabis remains against the law despite long-standing campaigns to legalise the drug.

If our politicians were brave enough, or even simply rational, they would follow Uruguay's lead and legalise cannabis

It's a policy that would be a hammer blow to criminal gangs. It would stop criminalising non-violent people, drastically undermine racist policing, be good for people's health and it would save lives. But while a mainstream British politician is more likely to have smoked cannabis than to propose its legalisation, the courageous Uruguayan government has done just that.

Uruguay made a pragmatic choice. It could continue to leave cannabis production and sale in the hands of violent criminal gangs, or the state could take it over and regulate it properly. “A regulated market that is visible has greater oversight than prohibition,” as Diego Canepa, the president of the Uruguay's National Drug Board, has put it. Uruguayans who register on a national database can buy up to 40g of pot from a pharmacy, and adults are now allowed to grow up to eight marijuana plants each.

British Police Hire Equipment To Test Drivers For Cannabis

A simple swab test, being used across the county from today, will help police to catch drivers who have been taking cannabis.

Normally, if officers suspect somebody of being under the influence, they have to use a ‘field impairment assessment’.

This involves looking at the driver’s eyes, and testing their balance and co-ordination.

David Cameron's Drugs Stance Changes, Professor David Nutt Accuses Him Of 'Chickening Out'

David Cameron has been accused of "chickening out" of reforming Britain's drug laws by a former government adviser.

The Prime Minister once called for "alternative ways" to tackle drugs, and criticised politicians for "posturing with tough policies".

He also backed a report that called for moves towards legalising drugs.

But his stance has hardened since he became Tory leader, and last year he rejected calls for a royal commission to look at whether drugs could be legalised.

Cannabis clubs blossoming in the UK

"I guess it's like wine-tasting – but with cannabis," says Orson Boon (not his real name), head of the London Cannabis Club. "People come to exchange samples, try new strains and have a chat."

Sitting around a table in north-east London are several members of the LCC. One member is examining a sample of cannabis under the blue light of a small microscope to check for mite faeces. Another is comparing the smell of a lemon equinox strain and a Jack Herer, a medicinal sativa strain named after a famous cannabis decriminalisation activist. Different-sized lenses, vaporisers and an assortment of labelled pots containing buds and cuttings from cannabis plants cover the table. It's like a science laboratory crossed with the Chelsea flower show."This is the strain that won the Underground London Cannabis Cup," says Boon, holding a small tube labelled K3M under the nose of a recent recruit, who works in an investment company in the City. The newcomer takes a sniff: "I'm seriously considering growing one or two plants with friends. Homegrown stuff like this is so much smoother than the weed I buy off the streets and you know exactly what you're getting." The others begin speculating as to where would be the best place in their homes to set up a hydroponics tent.

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