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Cannabis clubs blossoming in the UK

"I guess it's like wine-tasting – but with cannabis," says Orson Boon (not his real name), head of the London Cannabis Club. "People come to exchange samples, try new strains and have a chat."

Sitting around a table in north-east London are several members of the LCC. One member is examining a sample of cannabis under the blue light of a small microscope to check for mite faeces. Another is comparing the smell of a lemon equinox strain and a Jack Herer, a medicinal sativa strain named after a famous cannabis decriminalisation activist. Different-sized lenses, vaporisers and an assortment of labelled pots containing buds and cuttings from cannabis plants cover the table. It's like a science laboratory crossed with the Chelsea flower show."This is the strain that won the Underground London Cannabis Cup," says Boon, holding a small tube labelled K3M under the nose of a recent recruit, who works in an investment company in the City. The newcomer takes a sniff: "I'm seriously considering growing one or two plants with friends. Homegrown stuff like this is so much smoother than the weed I buy off the streets and you know exactly what you're getting." The others begin speculating as to where would be the best place in their homes to set up a hydroponics tent.

Is Britain Set for Its Very Own Cannabis Revolution?

The US war on cannabis is over and there's no turning back, says US cannabis author Doug Fine as he prepares to take the stage at South Bank University. Fine is in London for the one-night UK leg of his world tour, spreading news of the "green economic revolution" currently spreading through the US, which is seeing certain states decriminalising, taxing and profiting from the marijuana industry.
"My message is this," he says, smiling confidently, "if it can happen in the US, then it can happen here in the UK. There’s no stopping this train now."

Hindu god cannabis couple found not guilty of dealing

A CANNABIS growing couple have been cleared of dealing the drug, after arguing they were going to burn it in a pit as part of a spiritual ritual to a Hindu god.

Katarzyna Dryden-Chouen and her husband Clive admitted growing it at their Littledean home, but said they never intended to sell it.

A jury cleared the pair of possession with intent to supply and money laundering more than £250,000 of cash that had gone into her bank account.

Cannabis grower tells police "I'll keep growing"

A CANNABIS grower told police he would not stop producing the drug when they raided his town centre home and found crops capable of providing him with around £30,000 of it a year.

Phillip Gardner, of Dale Street, was jailed for 20 months at Warwick Crown Court after pleading guilty to producing cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply it.

The 39-year-old's two-bedroom terraced home was raided in February.

Medical cannabis demonstration at parliament highlights hypocrisy of British laws

National cannabis law reform organisation, NORML UK held a medical cannabis demonstration on College Green by the Houses of Parliament on the 9th October 2013.

A Dutch medical patient who is legally entitled to use cannabis in Britain and a British patient with an NHS prescription for the cannabis-derived drug Sativex were present among numerous peaceful protesters who comprised legal and illegal consumers of cannabis.

Approximately 300 people passed through the demonstration, which lasted three and a half hours. Activists also engaged with lawmakers, including backbench MPs, and towards the end of the demonstration volunteers leafleted outside the gates of Parliament itself.

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