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How Cannabis Oil is Changing Lives of Cancer Patients in the UK

In almost every other way, it was a very typical summer day for George. A sociology scholar turned documentary filmmaker, he was out for a coffee when he decided to stop by a local health store to visit a good friend, the shop owner. Unbeknownst to him at the time, what ultimately transpired though the course of his visit would send George on an 18-month long adventure that would deeply intertwine the lives of over eight different strangers.

British police brutality at London's 4/20 Protest, Hyde Park

"This man was arrested, as far as I could tell, for protesting and holding a sign. Two police officers initially held both of his arms as they escorted him away, then he made a break for it and more and more police joined in, eventually crushing him to the floor with the force of three or four officers.

My phone ran out of battery at the end, however afterwards another officer nonchalantly commented that he liked my phone case, whilst I was filming one of his mates manhandle a fellow human being into submission. My immediate reaction was to tell him to fuck off, to which he attempted to arrest me for swearing! Obviously this power-hungry individual gets some sort of pleasure from lying about the law in his attempts to rile up more protesters.

For photos taken leading up to this events in this video and other photos from throughout the day see the gallery HERE. You may see there were literally thousands more people in attendance than the "dozens" the Daily Mail chose to tell its readers."

Drug driving limits announced

Drivers will be allowed to get behind the wheel if they have traces of illegal drugs such as cocaine or cannabis in their system under new drug driving limits being set by the government for the first time.

But motorists who exceed certain thresholds of eight prescription and eight illegal drugs including cannabis and cocaine will be prosecuted for being “over the limit” in the same way as drink-drivers.

Ministers also accepted they would have to re-examine a proposed limit for amphetamine to avoid the risk of prescribed medicine users being unfairly penalised.

Swansea professor says legal regulation of the cannabis market has become irreversible.

A SWANSEA University professor and co-author of a new report into the rise and decline of cannabis prohibition claims the current trend towards legal regulation of the cannabis market has become irreversible.

David Bewley-Taylor, who is the director of the Global Drug Policy Observatory, has also called for urgent dialogue by UN member states on the best models for protecting people’s health and safety in the light of revelations over its usage.

Bud Buddies: Project Storm (trailer)

In June 2002, tucked away in the depths of the University of Madrid's biochemistry building an inconspicuous event took place that would shape the future of cancer treatment over the coming decades. It wasn't planned; in fact it was down to the pure chance that 2 separate research teams, focusing their lives on separate challenges were joined by the curiosity of a young professor. He was Manuel Guzman, whose lab researching the medicinal values of cannabis was the taboo neighbour of the much larger cancer research department. As he explains looking back upon that day, what he did was down to nothing more than base curiosity. He took pure THC, one of the active principles within cannabis, and added it to a petri dish containing aggressive cancer cells simply because "I wanted to see what would happen"...

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