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Why we are calling for an end to the war on drugs

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Since 2006, the Mexican government has undertaken a US-backed crackdown on drug cartels. Estimates suggest that around 60,000 people have been murdered, and the number of deaths is still rising.

At the same time, in countries like Britain, we're buying more and more of the drugs that flow through Mexico. Our prohibition approach has failed to stop drug use, and it puts money in the hands of narco-terrorists and international criminals.

Jacqui Smith: my cannabis law change was wrong

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The former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has admitted the change in the legal status of cannabis she introduced caused “confusion and dissent”.

The politician, who resigned from the Cabinet in the wake of the expenses scandal and then lost her seat in the 2010 election, was criticised at the time by her own scientific advisers when she upgraded the legal status of the drug from class C to class B in 2009 — bringing in a tougher line against users and dealers.

‘Robin Hood’ couple gave cannabis factory fortune to poor Kenyans

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A "ROBIN Hood" couple who jetted off to Kenya and dished out money to villagers and charities from the proceeds of their farmhouse cannabis factory have been jailed for three years.

Michael Foster, 62, and Susan Cooper, 63, pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds during the sophisticated six year operation - but used much of their ill-gotten money to help locals in the Kenyan village where they were regular visitors. 

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