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People who take drugs 'shouldn't be treated as criminals'

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England's most senior doctor has questioned the government's policy of criminalising all people who take illegal drugs and said they should be treated primarily as if they have a "health problem".

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, said that at present illegal use of drugs was treated mainly as a law and order issue.

British MPs Call for Decriminalisation

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The possession and use of all illegal drugs should be decriminalised, a cross-party group of peers has said.

The least harmful should be regulated and sold in licensed shops, with labels detailing risks, the group concluded.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform (APPG) said criminal sanctions did not combat drug addiction, and only marginalised users.

Drug-driving detector approved for UK police use

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A testing kit to detect drugs in drivers has been approved for police use across the UK, the Home Office says.

The kit will analyse a mouth swab for traces of cannabis. Testing capability for other drugs is being developed.

It will be used at police stations, and removes the need to have a doctor take a blood sample for drug testing.

UK aid contributes to hundreds of executions in Iran

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UK aid for Iran’s ‘War on Drugs’ is helping to send hundreds of people to death row, despite extensive sanctions placed on the country by the Government, a new report from Reprieve has found.

British aid provided to Iran’s counter-narcotics programmes, both bilaterally and via the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) amounts to millions of pounds and includes night vision equipment, GPS and training for Iranian enforcement agencies.

In Colombia, David Cameron's stance on drugs looks cynical

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Twenty-six years ago, on 17 December 1986, my uncle, Guillermo Cano Isaza, editor of the Colombian daily newspaper, El Espectador, was killed by gunmen paid by Pablo Escobar and his drug trafficking cartel. He had led a journalistic crusade to denounce the corruptive and violent power of drug trafficking. He paid with his life. The newspaper he edited was bombed and became a target as we lived through the bloody years of the so-called "war on drugs".