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The government's plan to curb drug-driving is a car crash

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I find that the old "would you rather?" game helps liven up long motorway journeys. Here we go … "Would you rather that the car ahead of you was driven by Paul, who's just knocked back the hair of the dog at the motorway services pub before merging back into your lane from the slip road?" or, "would you rather be behind Rob, who is alert, has his eyes on the road, but shared a cannabis joint earlier in the day?"

The answer I'd expect is, "I'd rather drive behind Rob. He's probably as clear-headed as I am if a few hours have passed since the joint. Half-drunk Paul might be dangerous though. And what's a motorway services pub ? No one would allow that".

Widower fails in cannabis growing sentence appeal

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A man who set up a cannabis factory in a Spalding flat to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment has failed to get his four-year jail term cut.

Charles Binns (49), was caught red-handed trimming £20,000 worth of crop in the flat in Pinchbeck Road to fund his wife’s brain surgery.

His wife later committed suicide after Binns, of Deene Court, Peterborough, was jailed for four years at Lincoln Crown Court last September.

Cannabis grower does not believe in drug laws

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A PARAPLEGIC man convicted of growing cannabis in his Shetland home has told Lerwick Sheriff Court he does not believe in drug laws.

Neil Winters was severely disabled in an accident 24 years ago and is bed ridden at his home at 7 Stove Cottages, Walls, where he receives regular nursing care.

Police acting on a tip off raided the 46 year old’s house on 24 January last year and found 82 cannabis plants with a potential street value of £300 each.