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Cannabis grower tells police "I'll keep growing"

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A CANNABIS grower told police he would not stop producing the drug when they raided his town centre home and found crops capable of providing him with around £30,000 of it a year.

Phillip Gardner, of Dale Street, was jailed for 20 months at Warwick Crown Court after pleading guilty to producing cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply it.

The 39-year-old's two-bedroom terraced home was raided in February.

Medical cannabis demonstration at parliament highlights hypocrisy of British laws

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National cannabis law reform organisation, NORML UK held a medical cannabis demonstration on College Green by the Houses of Parliament on the 9th October 2013.

A Dutch medical patient who is legally entitled to use cannabis in Britain and a British patient with an NHS prescription for the cannabis-derived drug Sativex were present among numerous peaceful protesters who comprised legal and illegal consumers of cannabis.

Approximately 300 people passed through the demonstration, which lasted three and a half hours. Activists also engaged with lawmakers, including backbench MPs, and towards the end of the demonstration volunteers leafleted outside the gates of Parliament itself.

Cannabis to be consumed legally in public near Parliament

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NORML UK, the national organisation for cannabis law reform, will be holding a static demonstration close to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 9th October 2013, commencing around midday.

The purpose will be to protest the discriminatory laws whereby a medical cannabis patient from Europe is legally entitled to consume their herbal cannabis medicine in the UK, but a UK citizen is not.

The attendees, from both the UK and the Netherlands, will comprise of patients from The Netherlands legally smoking their cannabis in a public space. There will also be UK medical cannabis patients who consume cannabis illegally. NORML will be making the necessary distinction with large banners, which tell the story of each group of patients. Under the Schengen agreement, herbal Bedrocan BV cannabis can be legally consumed in the UK by a Dutch national with a prescription but not by a British patient with a similar condition.

A ‘War on Drugs’? - This time it’s personal

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Summary: "Prohibition’s biggest propaganda coup is to trick persons into conceptualising themselves existing within a reverse legal paradigm, negating human agency and rights. Fictitious concepts depicting a war on objects became common parlance and the incorrect governing principles for the administration of primary law - yet tragically the reform movement unwittingly adopts the same anti-human rhetoric and legal constructs as they ostensibly oppose.”

The War on Drugs is a tool of state oppression

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Drug prohibition - the illegality of many psychoactive substances - is an accepted norm in the UK, although this hasn’t been the case for long.

In 1971, Parliament passed the Misuse of Drugs Act; the first major national prohibition legislation, and the cornerstone of the British war on drugs. A few amendments have been added since then, particularly in regards to ‘legal highs’, but overall, the essence of the law has remained the same for the past 42 years. It is no wonder that prohibition is so widely accepted; the majority of people in Britain were born after this Act was introduced, and many do not remember a time before it. For this reason, it is vital for people today to realise the relatively recent root of drug policy - as a tool of discriminatory state oppression in the United States.