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Cannabis madness is back once more. And this time it’s deadly. News reports on January 31 into the death of Gemma Moss, 31, from Boscombe, Bournemouth, said explicitly that cannabis had killed her.

"Devout Christian mother-of-three, 31, becomes first woman in Britain to DIE from cannabis poisoning" said the Daily Mail. "Tragic proof cannabis can really kill..." said the Metro, owned by Associated Newspapers, who also publish the Daily Mail.

Next, the Daily Mail reported news from Germany that researchers had identified two men who died, it said, purely as a result of using the drug. The cases involved two apparently healthy young men, aged 23 and 28, who died unexpectedly after smoking cannabis. Benno Hartung and his team at University Hospital Düsseldorf in Germany said both had died of cardiac arrhythmia – when the heart beats too quickly or slowly, caused by cannabis. An open and shut case? Not quite.

Pathologist Dr Kudair Hussein incorrectly believes cannabis can kill

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Let me start by saying what we all know: Cannabis cannot kill you by itself.  Sure, if you mix it with all kinds of opioids and liquor and downers and other stuff you might die.  That’s not because of cannabis though, it’s because you’re an idiot and you took way too many drugs together.  It isn’t dangerous that way, period.  That’s one of the advantages of cannabis use; it is the safest psychoactive drug known to man.

Let us now look at the case of Gemma Moss.  The Daily Mail has published an article by Sam Webb about the inquest concerning her mysterious death.  It seems Gemma, a healthy 31 year old woman, died in her sleep for reasons unknown.  She went to bed one night and simply didn’t get up, quietly slipping into the hereafter while she slept.  She had used a “moderate to heavy” amount of cannabis, according to toxicology reports.  The problem here is that she did not have a lethal dosage of the drug in her system.  In fact, no threshold of lethality has ever been established for any cannabinoid.  Guess work puts that dosage so high that you couldn’t hope to consume so much in a lifetime.

Brighton cannabis club scouts for unofficial dope speakeasies

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Cannabis activists hope to work with Green Party politicians to lobby for a change to the law, Brighton’s first cannabis club meeting heard.

The legalisation campaigners will hold a Green Pride march and demonstration in Brighton and Hove this summer.

They also want to find sympathetic venues in the “liberal city” that will allow advocates to smoke and socialise in private.

Scott free in cannabis case blunder

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A Dundee man accused of cultivating cannabis in his flat has escaped prosecution after an apparent “blunder” by the Crown.

The Courier has learned that a decision to reduce an indictment to a less serious summary complaint has resulted in the case being timebarred.

The Crown has confirmed that John Steven Brown, of Kemnay Gardens, will not face a court, stating that, after “full and careful consideration of the facts”, it will not proceed with the case against him.