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Rolling a 'joint' costs Irish doctor €10,000

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A young doctor who ran from gardai after being caught rolling a "joint" by a canal has been told to pay €10,000 to charity to avoid a criminal record.

Thomas Drew (29) had the case against him struck out after he agreed to make the contribution to avoid a career-threatening drugs conviction.

Making the order, Judge Cormac Dunne said the "gifted" young anaesthetist had lived a "perfect life" up to now and it would be "manifestly unjust to mar his professional career" over what was one mistake.

Upcoming events in the Irish Cannabis calendar

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Over the coming weeks drug policy reform activists across Ireland will stage six events, ranging from Dublin's annual Cannabis protest to the screening of the new Irish Pro-cannabis documentary The 41st Shade. No forgetting a talk with the Prince of Pot himself, Marc Emery.

Irish Cannabis activists have an amazing line up of events for all you afficandos, or the uneducated prohibitionsts who may be viewing this while seeking enlightenment. Check out the list of events below.

Doctors back two GPs who want cannabis use legalised

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TWO GPs who want cannabis legalised and regulated for both recreational and medicinal use have won support from their doctors' body to set up an expert committee to look at the drug's "positive and negative" effects.

Dr Cathal O Suilliobhain, a Dublin-based GP, and Dr Garret McGovern both treat drug addicts and say the majority of people who use cannabis have no health problems and "nobody ever died from cannabis use".

The most serious problem they face is "getting caught", said Dr O Suilliobhain.