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Belfast 420 Smokeout Report

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Hello, my name is Judyta. I came here almost seven years ago from Poland to do a postgraduate course at Queen’s, and I decided to stay here. Believe me or not, but I have grown fond of Belfast and I like living here.

Last Friday I was even more happy with Belfast than usual. It was because on that day I went to the 420 smokeout event at the front of the City Hall.

A man convicted of growing cannabis has failed in a High Court bid to have the drug granted equal classification with alcohol and tobacco

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Reading about this case (Cannabis campaign legal bid failure - U.TV) has been a very useful exercise indeed! James Torrens-Spence is to be commended for running this, and whilst he didn’t nail it exactly, we can see from what he has said, and what the judge has said, why this attempt failed.

OK – So, I am not having a go at James, but this is a very common mistake that the judge seized upon:

“He argued that the Class B drug should have parity with both alcohol and tobacco.”