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Support Don't Punish Belfast

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June 26th is a Global Day of Action for the international #supportdontpunish campaign to raise awareness about the harms and increased health problems caused by the prohibition of drugs.

Please join us at Belfast City Hall, 11:30am on Thursday 26th June for a short time to show your support for the global drug policy reform and meet members active in drug policy reform and get involved with SSDP.

Summary of the case against the Minister of Health for Northern Ireland

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Following Belfast's 3rd annual 420 Cannabis Celebration at Botanic Gardens The Gown, an independent student newspaper at Queens University got in touch asking for a statement regarding the cannabis legalisation campaign in Northern Ireland.  As with most publications, editorial restrictions dictate what can be printed so here is the full statement.

the gown queens university student newspaper

The UK Government made a devastating admission on page 24 of its official reply (Command paper CM 6941 of October 2006) to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Fifth Report of 2005-06, “Drug Classification: making a hash of it?”;

“... The distinction between legal and illegal substances is not unequivocally based on pharmacology, economic or risk benefit analysis. It is also based in large part on historical and cultural precedents.”