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Who should police be protecting, people or corporations?

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After my third conviction for cultivation and possession of cannabis in the magistrates' courts and after my second failed appeal for the high court's protection from the magistrates, I got very disillusioned with the justice system.

So just over a year ago, I rang the police to ask for police protection saying that I wanted to talk to a senior officer.  I got a call back from Inspector Morris who was extraordinarily patient with me when I explained that I wanted police protection from the police. She heard me out and then recommended that I contact the PSNI's legal advisors.

Letter to the Command Secretariat of the PSNI regarding Article 14 of the Human Rights Act

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HM Gov admits that it is an historical and cultural tradition to treat peoples’ activities with alcohol and tobacco separately and more leniently than our activities with other substances whilst it also acknowledges that alcohol and tobacco abuse causes the vast majority of real health and social harms.

The Department of Health, Social Services is not using its devolved discretionary powers (to make persons’ activities with cannabis lawful so as to reduce health inequalities and to enable people in Northern Ireland to increase control over and improve their health and social well-being).