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Would-be medical marijuana grower hits zoning roadblock in the city of Aspen

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The city of Aspen has told a man looking to start a commercial medical marijuana growing operation that he can’t open his business, citing a zoning roadblock.

The city’s Community Development Department has determined commercial pot production to be an agricultural use that does not conform with zoning regulations in the service/commercial/industrial zone district, where the business is proposed. The would-be entrepreneur, Kent Kleppinger of Aspen, disagrees, arguing that his operation would be a pharmaceutical manufacturing endeavor, and therefore light manufacturing, which is encouraged in the SCI. He is appealing the planning office’s ruling to City Council, which will hear his appeal at Monday’s meeting.

Marijuana Potency Testing Business Thrives in Colorado

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One of the biggest question marks with the medical marijuana industry is the lack of quality control. As Joel Warner points out at Westword, it’s difficult to know just how potent herbal medicines and edibles are until you use them.

Full Spectrum Laboratories to the rescue. The four-month-old Denver company is making a business of analyzing medical marijuana samples.

Legislators draft new marijuana bill for Colorado

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State legislators Sen. Chris Romer and Rep. Tom Massey are drafting a new medical marijuana bill to present to the Colorado General Assembly during their session beginning Jan.13.

Massey said the bill will be bi-partisan with Romer introducing the proposed bill to the Senate mid-January, and Massey presenting the bill to the House mid-February, if approved by the Senate.