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Cancer survivor Steve Kubby aims to ski 1 million vertical feet

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Watching Steve Kubby maneuver around on the mountain makes it hard to believe he's been living with terminal cancer for 35 years.

Kubby is determined to ski a million vertical feet before the end of the season. It's a challenge he set for himself to raise awareness of his disease and the treatment to which he feels he owes his life. He attributes his survival to regular use of medicinal marijuana.

Naturopaths Included in Washington State's Medical Marijuana Law

(OLYMPIA, Wash.) - A bill to expand Washington State's medical marijuana law cleared the state legislature today, and is headed to the governor's desk.

SB 5798 allows naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, and advanced physicians' assistants to recommend the medical use of cannabis to their patients.

Are You Cannabis Deficient?

If the idea of having a marijuana deficiency sounds laughable to you, a growing body of science points at exactly such a possibility. Scientists have known that the active psychoactive compound in marijuana is THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol.

WalMart Fires Cancer Patient For Medical Marijuana

Despite medical marijuana being legal in Michigan, WalMart has fired a cancer patient and former employee of the year who tested positive for the drug, which was recommended by his doctor.

"I was terminated because I failed a drug screening," ex-WalMart employee Joseph Casias told WZZM-13.

The Government fail to embrace medicinal benefits of cannabis

Despite numerous studies that have shown that marijuana could potentially aid in treating various types of cancer, the United States government has yet to embrace the drug’s medical applications.

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