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20 To Life - The life and times of John Sinclair

John Sinclair is a real American character. Poet, performing artist and bandleader, music journalist, radio broadcaster, record producer, educator and archivist, Sinclair first emerged out of his small-town Michigan background to forge a legendary course through the 1960s as a cultural activist, founder of the Detroit Artists Workshop, manager of the MC-5, and Chairman of the White Panther Party.

CALIFORNIA 90420 Documentary looks inside Oaksterdam Medical Marijuana University

CALIFORNIA, 90420 Marijuana Documentary offering an in-depth look inside Oaksterdam University, "Weed College," Opens on 4/20/12

Each year, marijuana enthusiasts and activists around the country gather to celebrate 4/20 as a holiday.  This year, a new documentary entitled CALIFORNIA, 90420 will be released on 4/20/12 in over 50 theaters nationwide

Bhang goes da Green Revolution

A journey from the Bhangra Halls of the UK back to the golden wheat fields of the Punjab, the 'bread basket of India'. A British Asian seeks to save the devastated lands of his ancestors with a controversial crop of Hemp. The film explores India's contradictory relationship with the cannabis plant – sanctifying and vilifying in turns.

#FiDA 2012 (Kony Satire about Cannabis)

After seeing the fiction within the truth of the Kony 2012 activism film, a group of 3 friends were inspired expose a real truth...and the truth is: Cannabis (Marijuana) Kills Cancer Cells.

A Cannabis Smugglers Video Diary! - Howard Marks

Described by the press as 'the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time', Howard Marks is the writer of the best-selling autobiography Mr Nice and performs critically acclaimed one man shows, drawing on a wealth of experience ranging from growing up in South Wales and his time at Oxford University, to incarceration at America's toughest federal penitentiary.

The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club

The Rise and Fall of Medical Kush Beach Club (working title) is a social commentary on the medical marijuana industry in its hey-day and its subsequent fall.  The film chronicles the experiences of Sean Cardillo (Kush) and his Medical Kush Beach Club, California’s largest (over 100,000 members) medical marijuana dispensary since its opening in Venice Beach 2006, while navigating through federal legislation, police raids, and the capricious medical marijuana industry.


Take a California road trip into the heart of the Emerald Triangle, where marijuana is grown in lush and pungent abundance, where it is the number-one cash crop, and where it is often the mainstay of the local rural economy.

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