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CALIFORNIA 90420 Documentary looks inside Oaksterdam Medical Marijuana University

CALIFORNIA, 90420 Marijuana Documentary offering an in-depth look inside Oaksterdam University, "Weed College," Opens on 4/20/12

Each year, marijuana enthusiasts and activists around the country gather to celebrate 4/20 as a holiday.  This year, a new documentary entitled CALIFORNIA, 90420 will be released on 4/20/12 in over 50 theaters nationwide

Bhang goes da Green Revolution

A journey from the Bhangra Halls of the UK back to the golden wheat fields of the Punjab, the 'bread basket of India'. A British Asian seeks to save the devastated lands of his ancestors with a controversial crop of Hemp. The film explores India's contradictory relationship with the cannabis plant – sanctifying and vilifying in turns.

#FiDA 2012 (Kony Satire about Cannabis)

After seeing the fiction within the truth of the Kony 2012 activism film, a group of 3 friends were inspired expose a real truth...and the truth is: Cannabis (Marijuana) Kills Cancer Cells.

A Cannabis Smugglers Video Diary! - Howard Marks

Described by the press as 'the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time', Howard Marks is the writer of the best-selling autobiography Mr Nice and performs critically acclaimed one man shows, drawing on a wealth of experience ranging from growing up in South Wales and his time at Oxford University, to incarceration at America's toughest federal penitentiary.

Cannabis Science, Inc. Begins Pre-Production of Groundbreaking Cannabis Television Documentary

Cannabis Science, Inc a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana) products, is excited to be embarking on a medical marijuana documentary project. Pre-production of this groundbreaking educational film is currently underway.

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