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Why Bruce Cain is not being allowed to speak at 2012 Hash Bash

Bruce Cain has been a long time activist who has always believed in the inalienable right of adults to grow their own Marijuana as well as other foods and herbs. He has spoken at 15 of the last 23 events but feels that the Hash Bash has been hijacked by those intent on "taxing, regulating and controlling" it

Ganja Radio 24/7 Oh Yes!

Ganja Radio is on air 24 hours a day with music and speeches.  If you would like a song played or a speech just post up on their Facebook Wall here also Visit the website at http://ganjaradio.radio12345.com/.

Making Hash With Ed Rosenthal

Nice wee video from the Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal.  Similar to The Gumby Hash Method using ice and water but with a few tweaks that will help the process along quicker.

How To Make Toffee Chip Cannabis Cookies

This recipe is how to make cannabis infused toffee chip cookies taken from The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook by Cheri Sicard.


Winston Matthews, 55, was sentenced to 16 months in HMP High Down for growing cannabis, proven to help his medical condition.

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