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OAP Smoker at Belfast's 420 Smokeout

On Friday 20th of April 2012 at City Hall Belfast a few hundred people sparked up their cannabis joints, protestants and catholics alike.  People from all walks of life stood as one talking together like long lost friends.  I spoke to young men and women from all over the North and South of Ireland, Spain, Poland, England and places I can't even remember.

Newtownards Seedy Weed Hitler Pardoy

I've seen a few of these now but this one had me in stitches.   Always take it back!

The First Yearly “Amsterdam 420 Smoke-Out!” April 20th, 2012

Four-twenty, 4-20, or 4:20 are numbers, dates and times that are known in cannabis culture as the “insiders” codeword to smoke a joint. Originally this stems from a group of students in the U.S.A. who met daily at 4:20 PM after school to smoke a joint together. Slowly this story spread among the other marijuana smokers at that school. Ultimately the cannabis media got wind of it, and also began to use it as such.

Twas The Night Be 420 - King Marijuana

Twas The Night Be 420 by King Marijuana

Cork Rally For Regulation

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Ireland and C.O.D.E (Council on Drug Education) will be hosting a rally in the city of Cork on the 21st of April, 2012.

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