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VIDEO: Do's and Don'ts of new Colorado pot law

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in Colorado. Russell Haythorn explains what you can -- and can't -- do with marijuana under the evolving implementation of Amendment 64.

Personal Stories Are One Of The Biggest Weapons Against Marijuana Prohibition

If You Are A Responsible Marijuana Consumer Then Spread Your Story!

I recently had a conversation with my friend who was telling me about how her mom finally got the courage to tell her friends and family that she is a medical marijuana patient in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). This lady is very accomplished, professional, and well known in her area. Due to unfortunate health conditions, she has had to go through a lot of treatment and take a lot of medicine. It took a long time for her to open up to the idea of consuming cannabis for medical purposes because she had been told her whole life that it was bad. It took even longer for her to be willing to share her story.

No Dope Here! by John Lindsay

Throughout the conflict in Northern Ireland both Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries have exacted violent and sometimes murderous 'punishments' on those they accused of having wronged their communities. Since the 1990s, the accusation most commonly levelled against the victims of these ‘punishment' attacks and murders has been one of involvement in the trade in illegal drugs. This brutal paramilitary 'justice' is one of the least researched aspects of the Northern Irish conflict.  Such “rough justice” has persisted and even increased in ferocity in spite of ceasefire  declarations  by the leading  paramilitary groups. There is some suspicion that the British State has at times been prepared to overlook drug related murders, even dismissing them as 'internal housekeeping' by paramilitaries.

The Green Gold - Stories About A Marijuana Grower

"The Green Gold, the world of weed growing".

"Made visible what has always been imperceptible"

Songs have been sung, books have been written, much has been published about weed, but always from the point of view of bystanders on the sideline.

Police Guide On How To Smoke Weed Legally In Seattle

Washington state's I-502 may not be the best piece of "legalization" legislation you've ever seen; it certainly has its share of warts, including the unscientific DUI blood limits for active THC, and the continued prohibition on home cultivation. But there are definite up-sides to the passage of 502.

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