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The Slow Ride Away from Prohibition

I have seen many claims from many groups claiming victory of one sort or another against prohibition. This group wants to claim their “evidence” convinced a government to lighten sentencing guidelines, that group thinks they are responsible for spreading the truth about the effects of THC on cancer cells. Activists often get lost in their own egos and forget a simple truth. Normalization is here, and the evidence is everywhere, and no single group or individual gets the credit. It’s just happening.


As ubiquitous as it is controversial, marijuana has emerged as a prominent economic and cultural force in North America despite massive government opposition. Although it is prohibited by federal law in the United States, half of all Americans have tried marijuana and tens of millions use the herb regularly for recreational as well as medicinal purposes.

Critical Master Flowa by Jahkirevi

Jahkirevi - Critical Master Flowa - [Official Videoclip] 2012

Cannabis Cultivator: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Marijuana by Jeff Ditchfield

Cannabis Cultivator demystifies the subject of growing pot by treating it as though it were conventional gardening. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide readers through everything from setting up the garden to the supplies needed to which systems work best.

Cannabis Orthodoxies

The end of prohibition is just around the corner. You know how I know that? The increasing presence of Cannabis Orthodoxies in the discussion of cannabis legalization is all the proof I need. You can’t say “marijuana”; you have to say “cannabis”. You should toke pure, never mix with tobacco, because you might not have heard tobacco is harmful. Instead of smoking you should use a vaporizer, or an e-joint, or make cannabutter cookies. You should do it this way; never do it that way. You should subscribe to the orthodoxy of the day, because what is now is what is right and deviations from such are heresy.

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