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Marc Emery Prison Blog: How I Began My Plan to Overgrow the Government

CANNABIS CULTURE - Since the 20th anniversary of my activism in British Columbia is approaching on April 11th, I thought I would write a series of blogs about my early years, when there was no movement, no legal medical marijuana anywhere, books and magazines about cannabis were banned in Canada – in essence, there was nothing. Over the next few months I'll tell you about great moments in my life where I contributed to the marijuana movement and helped changed several laws.

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour announces 2014 tour date

Following the success of last year’s ride, the MC Bike Tour returns with the aim to raise over €50,000 to support scientific research into how cannabis treats cancer.

From March 11-13th 2014, 50 riders will ride on a 400km journey. The MC Bike Tour will arrive 3 days later to a heroes’ welcome at the Spannabis Expo in Barcelona.

The changing club situation in Spain

The situation in Spain is a special case. After the Spanish peninsula was characterised as “the Netherlands of the South”, the number of social cannabis clubs sky-rocketed. In some cases, however, it is difficult to identify the altruists amidst all the uproar. As ever, a handful of opponents who are trying to increase their numbers in order to uphold the bad reputation of the opposition are having to confront the countless fighters for the cause. The clubs are now working hard to seize a place in a society that is gradually beginning to accept the legalisation of cannabis.

Barcelona to curb cannabis clubs

Barcelona wants to set limits on the "proliferation" of cannabis clubs, places where members purchase and consume marijuana. Although there are no official figures, municipal authorities have counted around 200 such premises, most of which are located in the city center. Just two years ago, there were only 40 cannabis clubs in the entire Catalan region.

Now, officials plan to look a little deeper into these associations: first, to see whether they were legally set up; second, to check what their stated goals are. Preliminary investigations suggest that in most cases, the clubs claim to make a therapeutic use of the drug. If this is not the case, the city will temporarily seal them off.

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