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The Counterculture Hall of Fame – List of Inductees

Steven Hager became Editor in Chief of High Times magazine in 1987. Back then he created the first hemp legislation group, the High Times Freedom Fighters, and created the World Hemp Expo Extravaganja as well as the Cannabis Cup.

The Counterculture Hall of Fame was set up “to celebrate the history of the counterculture by recognizing its saints”, as Mr Hager says. Every year around the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, the prestigious award is given to a person that has made history by founding, living and/or leading a counterculture.

Ben Dronkers - still breaking the "rules" at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2013

In an unprecedented turn of events, Sensi Seeds founder Ben Dronkers was interrupted by High Times security during his seminar at the Cannabis Cup expo today, as he threw small bags of cannabis into the audience. By this time, Ben realised what was occurring and addressed the crowd and the man -- "there's no law against sharing cannabis!"

Free Marc Emery Parliament Phone Blitz on Tuesday, October 29 - Call To Action

CANNABIS CULTURE - Help imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery by calling the Canadian Public Safety Minister's office on Tuesday, October 29, and politely asking the government to approve Marc's prison transfer back home to Canada.

The US government has already approved Marc's transfer home, but Conservative Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has not responded to requests or addressed the issue publicly.

London Real interview with Adam Scrogie

London Real is a weekly, one hour video podcast documenting the journey of Brian Rose & his guests they challenge the status quo, explore the human experience, and exchange ideas and perspectives with their guests in one of the most exciting and diverse cities on the planet.

Our goal is to expand your consciousness and experience a new mindframe, to confront your fears and to celebrate the triumph.

This weeks episode is an interview with award winning filmmaker Adam Scorgie whose documentaries include “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”, “I am Bruce Lee” and “The Good Son”. His latest feature “The Culture High” further investigates how the modern day prohibition of marijuana has a grasp on our society as a whole.

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