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Nimbin MardiGrass 2012 inspired by the Occupy movement

MardiGrass plans are up and running but it will be different this year! The MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) was asked if the annual event was a protest or a festival by the Lismore Mayoress no less. We were in no doubt about the answer and in fact this year the protest rally for cannabis law reform reverses its recent direction and will start in Peace Park and finish at the Police Station.

The Polite Squad Australia

Polite Squad" (2012), by Antohnia Lyovtzsis, is a documentary, film style advertisement about the Polite Squad and the cannabis conspiracy. The Polite Squad work voluntarily to help legalise cannabis, and do all they can to dissuade humanity from the lies they have been brainwashed with by the media and corruption in the last century by those who have and continue to demonise it for their financial gain, when it is actually a good product and a necessity for human survival and the environment.

NTV investigates in Malawi marijuana farms (Video)

John Allan Namu crosses the Tanzanian border into the hilly Northern part of the lakeside nation of Malawi. The NTV investigates assignment team scaled the remote and forested karunga hills where it was established that marijuana farms are thriving almost with the same serenity as the tea plantations.

The backdoor of a coffeeshop is not just an emergency exit.

There has been long time confusion about how coffeeshops supply themselves with good quality marijuana and hash, so I think it is about time to explain the ins and outs as I have experienced them in the old situation, and in the new style of supply.

Stop The Violence!

We should not be helping the government implement 'softer' ways by which they can police us - i.e. 'decriminalisation'.

How can you support the protest against the exclusion of foreign cannabis fans from Dutch coffeeshops?

The planned Weedpass System for Dutch cannabis coffeeshops is more than controversial, but no matter how many Mayors, City Councils, Coffeeshop Entrepreneurs and Drug Monitors object against this plan, Dutch Justice minister Ivo Opstelten is introducing the discriminative measures in a part of the Netherlands on May 1, 2012.

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