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MARIJUANA ARRESTS Gateway into the Criminal Justice System

Since 1977 and the passage of the Marijuana Reform Act, under New York State Law, carrying a small amount of marijuana in a pocket, backpack, or purse has been a violation (like a traffic violation), not a crime.

Opstelten’s requirement to check THC percentages is wrongly being placed on the coffeeshops.

I’m continually amazed at Justice Minister Opstelten’s inventiveness. He keeps harassing the coffeeshop branch with mostly pointless regulations in order to get the coffeeshops closed, as could be said, without really meaning to.

Ian Neale Up In Smoke With Snoop Dogg

Ian Neale the Welsh man that holds the world record for growing the biggest swede went up in smoke with the legend himself Snoop Dogg.

From cannabis beer to seeds, Spanish fair has it all

MADRID — Aitor Hernandez has been looking to buy a new glass pipe to smoke cannabis since June but waited for an annual cannabis fair which got underway Friday near Madrid to make his choice.

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