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Marijuana Clubs Rise Out of Decades-Old Spanish Laws

BARCELONA, Spain — On a recent evening, two vacationing German college students, armed with addresses they had gotten off the Internet, were trying to get into one of Barcelona’s new marijuana clubs.

They were not members. But no matter. They quickly found a club near the city’s central boulevard, La Rambla, that was willing to ignore the rules, helping them choose from a dozen strains of marijuana for sale in plastic bins before letting them settle into the cushy lounge area to light up.

Washington: State-Licensed Retail Cannabis Sales Begin

Thursday, 10 July 2014 Olympia, WA: Washington's first state-licensed retail cannabis operators opened for business on Tuesday.

The state's Liquor Control Board issued 24 marijuana retailer licenses late last week. (Under state regulations, the Board may issue up to 334 licenses to retail facilities.) Of those, six opened for business on Tuesday - the first day legal sales were permissible - according to the Associated Press.

Why Growing Numbers of Pot Smokers Eat Mango Before Lighting Up

It’s not a proven scientific fact, but many pot smokers are consuming mangoes an hour before lighting up to boost their highs. According to Marijuana.com, there’s a good chance that the myrcene molecules found in mango can possibly “increase, strengthen and even lengthen” the euphoric feeling from smoking marijuana.
Marijuana already contains more than 100 terpene molecules that are responsible for affecting THC in the brain and giving highs their ebbs and flows. But marijuana contains the myrcene terpene more than any other kind. So, if you eat a mango rich in myrcenes, you can potentially improve the high for low-quality buds or give a high-quality bud a little extra. As for how myrcene and terpene work, the research is still in its infancy.

Canna-centric farmers market to debut in Los Angeles

The ever-popular farmers market scene in Los Angeles could soon see the introduction of a whole new type of green — albeit targeted to a very specific consumer.

What's being billed as L.A.'s first cannabis-centric farmers market is to make its debut in Boyle Heights over the Fourth of July weekend. The motivation for organizers is similar to what has made farmers markets ubiquitous across Los Angeles: direct access to produce — or, in this case, pot producers.

Famous Marijuana Smuggler Slams Legal Pot Investors

Canadian marijuana smuggler Brian O’Dea calls out legal cannabis investors over their responsibility to freeing people in prison for pot. In a recent DopeChef YouTube report he talks about giving a presentation to investors looking to score it big in Canada’s legal marijuana industry.

O’Dea told these weed investors point blank, “Everyone of you people sitting here today owe  your seats to people in orange suits - who are sitting in prison today. I have friends in prison today who are doing 75 years for a ton of non-existent pot. They’re looking out at these pinstripe suits making money on a product they’re in prison for.”

Barcelona bans new cannabis clubs for 1 year

13th June 2014, Barcelona city council announced on Friday that no new cannabis clubs will be allowed to open in the city for one year in order to halt their proliferation and allow for tighter regulation of the 160 clubs that already exist.

The cannabis clampdown comes just days after the first closure of a club for suspected illegal dealing.

Cannabis clubs in the city have fuelled a boom in tourists looking for legal highs, despite technically being private establishments meant for members only.

Shop Local, Buy Local: Why Small Farming Is the Future of American Cannabis Policy

June 10, 2014  |  Cannabis legalization is moving from "if" to "when", which brings up a variety of questions and issues never broached in a public forum under prohibition. As regulations emerge around the production, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of cannabis in both medical and commercial environments, we are suddenly recognizing that these debates are not new, nor are they unique to the cannabis industry. In fact, many of the considerations for cannabis regulations are already a large part of our societal discourse. Perhaps most obvious is the relationship between cannabis cultivation and the ever growing tension between small farmers and "Big Agriculture". A May 24, 2014 article in the New York Times titled When Cannabis Goes Corporate discusses how, in Canada, the federal government recently made it illegal for individual patients and small farmers to grow medical cannabis. Subsequently, they created a complex, capital-intensive regulatory framework that only allows large-scale corporate producers to operate legally. All of this in an attempt to rein in what was referred to as a "free-for-all" of thousands of smaller producers scattered across the county. Why should Americans care about this and what does it mean for the broader issue of crop production here at home?

Colorado Cannabis Industry Continues To Add Jobs To Local Economy

Cannabis legalization supporters stated numerous times during the 2012 campaign that legalization would create jobs. Colorado, like every other state in the country, was hit hard by the economic downturn of the late 2000′s/early 2010′s. Many people lost their jobs and found it hard to find a new job. Any new jobs that are created in Colorado by the cannabis industry are welcomed.

Weed Fairy Gives Away Free Bud in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — A woman who calls herself the “Weed Fairy” distributed free nuggets of marijuana to people in Seattle over Memorial Day weekend, taping the free pot on fliers around a city neighborhood.

The woman, 23-year-old Yeni Sleidi, says she does it to amuse people and to give them a break from everyday stress.

Milan joins the list and opens its first Cannabis Social Club

Finally, Milan is not only known for its imposing Duomo, its envied Fashion Week or its unbeatable soccer teams. From next May 18th  2014 the quintessential Italian city also will enjoy a Cannabis Social Club. The first one di Milano.

Although coffee shops have been a reality in the Netherlands for many years, nowadays they also exist in the  United States and in Spain. This legalization has therapeutic and recreational aims and activists have been working towards the complete decriminalization of cannabis in several places in the world. Now it’s Italy’s turn.

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