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The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died

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(SALEM, Ore.) - The sad news has been confirmed. Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and renowned around the world for hemp activism, has died at 11:17 a.m. today, in Eugene, Oregon.

Jack Herer suffered a heart attack last September just after speaking on stage at the Portland HempStalk festival. The last seven months have proven to be a huge challenge to the man, with several health issues making his recovery complicated.

Coffee shop entrepreneur Nol van Schaik's view on Checkpoint coffee shops recent court case

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Nol van Schaik the man behind Willie wortels coffeeshop in Haarlem was recently asked by a member of the Channel Forums  ''What are your personal views on this decision and the likely short term effects on the industry if any?'' 

The question refers to the the court case of Checkpoint Coffee Shop in which the owner was fined ten million Euros.

Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops To Strike On Election Day

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Coffee Shops in the Netherlands are set to strike on the day of Dutch national parlimentry elections

Dutch "coffee shops," a euphemism for outlets selling cannabis, are in danger, and have announced they are going "on strike" on June 9, the day the Netherlands will hold parliamentary elections.

"The idea behind closing for the day is to encourage all those who like to smoke a joint to get out and vote for the parties which will ensure that coffee shops will not be banned in the Netherlands," reports Johan van Slooten at Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Czech cannabis smokers exhale with relief over new drug law

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PRAGUE — Czech pot smokers have breathed a sigh of relief after the government clarified a law on drug use, turning the country into one of Europe's safest havens for casual drug users.

Under the more transparent and liberal law in effect since January, people found in possession of up to 15 grammes (half an ounce) of marijuana or growing up to five cannabis plants no longer risk prison or a criminal record, but can only be fined if caught.