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Inside the Mind of a Hash Smuggler by Mark Heinrich

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"It was 1978, Istanbul, Turkey. That exotic meeting point in history, where Mongols raged, and armies passed. Centuries back, it was called Constantinople.

I found myself laying on a bed in the Hotel Benson, a run down hotel not far from the bazaar, the Grand Souk. A place for smugglers of all kinds of contraband, from guns to drugs, stolen goods, and motor vehicles. It was a motor vehicle that had brought me to my current circumstance actually.

Solidarity - Cannabis Campaign Parody

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While the The Popular People's Legalise Cannabis Protest Front of Britain Alliance continues to debate the differences in their goals and labels and argue over their approaches to the legalisation of cannabis, the Daily Mail readers, filled with misinformation and informed bigotry, go on the rampage, seeking to crucify any cannabis user they can lay their hands on.

A Little Coffeeshop Economy

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Coffeeshops don’t pay any value added taxes or taxes on sales turnover because cannabis is not a legal product. But coffeeshop owners do pay income taxes; - in the highest category, in fact! The Netherlands’ last 650 licensed coffeeshops, spread over 101 municipalities, furnish the national coffers with 400 million Euros annually via the aforementioned income tax.

The Polite Squad Australia

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Polite Squad" (2012), by Antohnia Lyovtzsis, is a documentary, film style advertisement about the Polite Squad and the cannabis conspiracy. The Polite Squad work voluntarily to help legalise cannabis, and do all they can to dissuade humanity from the lies they have been brainwashed with by the media and corruption in the last century by those who have and continue to demonise it for their financial gain, when it is actually a good product and a necessity for human survival and the environment.