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Free Marc Emery Parliament Phone Blitz on Tuesday, October 29 - Call To Action

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CANNABIS CULTURE - Help imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery by calling the Canadian Public Safety Minister's office on Tuesday, October 29, and politely asking the government to approve Marc's prison transfer back home to Canada.

The US government has already approved Marc's transfer home, but Conservative Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has not responded to requests or addressed the issue publicly.

London Real interview with Adam Scrogie

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London Real is a weekly, one hour video podcast documenting the journey of Brian Rose & his guests they challenge the status quo, explore the human experience, and exchange ideas and perspectives with their guests in one of the most exciting and diverse cities on the planet.

Our goal is to expand your consciousness and experience a new mindframe, to confront your fears and to celebrate the triumph.

This weeks episode is an interview with award winning filmmaker Adam Scorgie whose documentaries include “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”, “I am Bruce Lee” and “The Good Son”. His latest feature “The Culture High” further investigates how the modern day prohibition of marijuana has a grasp on our society as a whole.

Marijuana Activist Jack Herer Featured in New Venice Beach Mural

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Muralist Brian “TAZROC” Garcia has completed his latest public art installation, a mural depicting Marijuana activist Jack Herer, which can now be seen on the side of the Nile Collective building at 1501 Pacific Ave.

Herer, known as the “Emperor of Hemp”, wrote “The Emperor Wears No Clothes“, a book used in efforts to decriminalize cannabis, and also founded and served as the director of the organization Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP).

Help NORML win a free Super Bowl Ad

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Intuit Quickbooks is currently running a contest, with the grand prize being a professionally produced ad run during the big game this year. The first round of the contest is public voting and we are pleased to say NORML, after just a few short days, has skyrocketed to the #6 most popular submission.

Together, we the people, are ending America's war on pot. With the last election and with the recent announcement from the attorney general in Washington DC, we are beautifully positioned to make sure a responsible, adult American citizen is never again arrested for the use of recreational marijuana.