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Cannabis is a Litmus Test for Freedom

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There are currently two primary camps when the issue of cannabis is involved. There are those who agree that it should be legal, and those who do not.  The people who think it should be legal to cultivate, sell and consume cannabis are now in the majority all around the world.  People, given the chance, largely agree that you should be able to go down to the local store and buy some weed. Even many of the ones who don’t smoke support legalization; so what is going on with our governments?

Learn How To Grow Cannabis At The THC University Denver, Colorado

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Both Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in November, but it will be at least a year before we see any legal marijuana shops. As of now, the recreation use part of the laws are in effect in both states, but limited home growing is only legal in Colorado. It is illegal to sell and grow more than 6 plants, so does that mean more people will be growing in their home?

First Private Marijuana Clubs Open in Colorado

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At least two members-only recreational marijuana clubs opened in Colorado Monday, one in Denver and one in the small southern Colorado town of Del Norte, according to the Associated Press. The club openings come less than a month after Gov. John Hickenlooper certified the results of the November vote on Amendment 64, which legalized for adults 21 and over the possession of up to an ounce and the cultivation of up to six pot plants.