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Hawaii considers reclassifying marijuana possession

House Bill 1192, an act to reclassify the possession of minor amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a civil offense is now being considered.

Under state law, the possession of small amounts of marijuana is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $1000 fine.  House Bill 1192 would amend Hawaii law so that adults who possess one ounce of marijuana or less will face no greater penalty than a $100 civil fine.

House Bill 1192 is currently pending in the house of finance and judiciary.

Hawaii also has these seperate bills currently being considered:

House Bill 1191, an act to allow for secured growing facilities to produce medical marijuana;

House Bill 226, an act to increase the quantities of medical marijuana that a patient may legally possess.

House Bill 1194, an act to transfer administration of Hawaii¹s medical marijuana program from the department of public safety to the department of health, as well as House Bill 967, an act to provide for the department of health to license producers to dispense medical cannabis, have been tabled.


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